Toa d core00:12

Toa d core

Toadcore is a musical genre, surely created by one of the fellows in the animal commune. Many have given it praise such as:

  • "why" - Israel Fleshmund, Grand Central Station, 2015
  • "I fucking adore this i need more of it" - Admin, Admin, 2015
  • "I helped them forge this through their dreams" Jesus Christ, Carlsbad, 1492
  • "Everyone needs Star Power I guess" Cool Black Fellow In Wookie Jacket I Met On Bus, Bus, 2016

It has been referred to by the mayans as the final sign of Armageddon.

Genesis Edit

probably was a joke and then gradually developed from there

Characteristics Edit

Droning, a sort of Squealing, about as much like toads as you could imagine, if toads beatboxed.

History Edit

Happened a bit ago, week tops

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