narlge is the skunk that lives in the animal commune, much like slug christs "the porch where underneath the dog died" our dude right here lives perpetually underneath the commune, for upon trying to enter any door or window in it, his form will briefly lose its corporeal nature like he was going ghosty, and he will fall through the wood and cement and bullshit until he reaches soft earth.

list of things nargle is goo d at

  • stealing bread
  • breathing
  • toadcore
  • his wife
  • over watch
  • being a friend : )

Nicaragua has been to glorious nihhon, the birthplace of the concept of swords, at least twice, if not more. the next time he departs and if the admin has money, that admin plans to give him money for one of those maneki totems so he can un-curse his house of his grandmothers ghost because she will not fucking leave oh my god gET OUT OF HERE GRANDMA

nargle is not a necromancer and would not pray for me nor any other admin to dig his or her hands into the soft dirt and ask whoevers grave they where fucking with their soul to tell them secrets of the new world and if their god was real despit ethe fact that shinto buddhism dictates that everything has a soul so this is a dumb fucking question and the grave-owner would probnably electrocute me

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